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Is there a Gini co-efficient on Open Access (OA) and how beautiful is that?

Posted by infokelele on October 9, 2012

Some would say that it is in the eye of the beholder!

PLOS –, SPARC – and OASPA – are among the latest groups currently having their say on this matter. The joint group will be releasing a final version of their consultative findings during the 2012 Open Access Week (October 22 -28). Stay tuned for that outcome.

The PLOS/SPARC/OASPA document is now closed for public comments but you can view the draft at or (unbelievable as it may sound, I didn’t get to see the request for public comments until after the deadline).

I suspect we wont be hearing the last of what should really constitute ‘proper’ Open Access anytime soon. Many people have their take but despite the consensus that there is growing clarity on the subject, the outcome of the debate still depends on who you ask.

In case you missed it, infokelele’s own earlier post on this subject can still be found at .

What in your view would you say “Open Access” is or should constitute?


What is your opinion?

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