Open Access and Open Data for the Information and Knowledge Economy

New Report on Expanding Open Access

Posted by infokelele on July 12, 2012

“Better, faster communication of research results will bring benefits for public services and for economic growth.” That is the verdict of the Finch report on the implications of faster and better access to research outputs.

Among the main findings of the report are that:

  • Barriers to research outputs funded through the public exchequer create significant negative externalities and are therefore undesirable.
  • Improving the flows of information and knowledge are however associated with desirable positive outcomes and should be vigorously promoted.
  • Policies that promote open access need to be similarly international in scope to maximize their benefits. They should also be designed in a manner that encourages information fair use and reusage.
  • Streamlining of revenues in article processing charges and in subscriptions should be of paramount importance. Clear information on each needs to be provided by the players.
  • The interoperability of repositories needs to be enhanced for an expanded online access to their contents.
  • There is a need to revisit unrealistic embargo periods if available evidence suggests so.

Summary of the report –

Full report –

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